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Willow Street Press is a new publishing company with a new idea — respect the talent!


Our big idea started a few years ago when I took a break from journalism to write a series of  funny books about my experiences as a big city girl moving to the suburbs, having several humans extracted from my body, while the village sewer repeatedly backed up into my basement. Doesn't sound as gripping as a John Le Carre spy thriller? That's because it wasn't YOUR basement!


My first two books, Why Animals Sleep So Close To The Road (and other lies I tell my children) and

I Wear The Maternity Pants In This Family  were published by one of the BIG companies — BIG famous name, BIG office with a BIG conference table in a BIG office building. BIG. The books got rave reviews in Library Journal, Publisher's Weekly, USA Today. It was exciting for me, for my readers — but not for the BIG publisher! They were so BIG, I couldn't even get them on the phone.


So when I wrote my third book, Teenagers & Toddlers Are Trying To Kill Me, I knew what I wanted in a publisher. I wanted a company that, first and foremost, loved and respected talent. A company where the writer can get his or her publisher on the phone! I company that really cares about writers and books and paper and ink...


So I secured the rights from my first two books, put my third together, and started my own publishing company!


We've experienced unprecedented success since the recent birth of our baby company — and the baby is growing fast! Teenagers & Toddlers Are Trying To Kill Me!, the first book from Willow Street Press, hit  #1 on the Amazon Kindle Parenting & Families bestseller list, it was the #1 Suggested Book for Mother's Day in Parade Magazine, and earned me Humor Writer of the Month recognition from the Erma Bombeck Humor Writers' Workshop at University of Dayton. 


Our goal? To find great writers with great books in them, get those books out and — with our writers — grow Willow Street Press. But as big as we get, our writers will always be able to get us on the phone, and we're never going to buy that BIG conference table.


Susan Konig, writer

Susan Konig, publisher 

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